Random Acts of Marketing

By 10th June 2019 June 26th, 2019 Insights

You’ve had a flat out Saturday.  The sun is out, the crowds are buzzing, your sales kiosks are selling out.  You feel good.  That is until next Saturday when the sun is still shining but the walkways are empty, and no one knows why.

Often called ‘Random Acts of Marketing’ many businesses fall into the trap of setting a budget, spending that in varying degrees on marketing platforms and then seeing ticket sales grow but not knowing what aspects of the marketing worked or didn’t and certainly not really knowing why.

We have seen many great business professionals track marketing spend, track revenue income and forecast revenue but miss out one massive piece of the puzzle.


What channel brought me the most revenue.

There are many tools you can track to find out what aspect of your marketing is working. Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, Adalyser all of which are easily available and simple to operate with little training.

If you want to know where to put your 2019 marketing budget, but don’t know where to start, get in touch.