Facebook Algorithms

By 25th June 2020 July 2nd, 2020 Insights

A common question we have been hearing echoing across marketing desks this year is: why am I not reaching as many people on Facebook anymore?

Have you been noticing a decrease in your organic reach this year? Pesky Facebook algorithms are to blame, as social media giant starts to recover some of its losses following the Cambridge Analytica scandal (the estimated loss on the stock market was $32 million overnight).

Your organic posts are now really unlikely to get half the traction they used to get and you can forget about Boosting your post. That plays further against your organic posts, meaning you will be stuck boosting constantly to get anywhere.

Golden rule of Facebook is if you want to sell, get paid adverts. Otherwise, it should all be about content and conversation.

Organic Paid
Keep posts topical Use links to the website
Sharable Use strong CTA’s
Personal Your aim is for your audience to make an action. Determined what that action is
Use video, 45-60 second Lifestyle images work best
Nothing overly promotional A/B test your audience
Use hashtags and links in comments Work out your conversion rate

Here are some ways to get more from your organic posts

  • Increase video content, preferably 45-60 second videos or longer. Reach will be determined on how long viewers are engaged and keep watching – you want this to be at least 1/3 of the video length.
  • Increase authentic, highly relevant, timely posts about current events to increase reach. Stop posting overly-promotional content organically.
  • Avoid outbound links to the website. Just like you, Facebook wants to keep people on their site. Some businesses have begun to post outbound links in their post comments not in the actual post text as a way around this.
  • Only post via Facebook, not through a social management system.

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