Our Experience

Our experience is second to none in working with international brands through to companies with just a prototype to their name. From these case studies you will see we are fully committed to impact and results for all of our clients.

Case Study 01

Immotion Group PLC


• Strategic communications partners
• Global media relations and PR
• Organic and paid for social media
• Content management
• Stakeholder management
• Crisis management
• Website creation and copy


Being a new player in the virtual reality market, Immotion Group PLC were looking for strategic communication partners to support their rapid growth as both a supplier and operator in the leisure industry. We were asked to provide an infallible system based approach to their PR to enable them to offer unbeatable added value and support to their clients and customers at a scalable rate, in addition advising them with our expert knowledge of the sector.

Immotion don’t mess around when it comes to producing quality marketing collaterals and Agency Six were tasked with ensuring the best in class approach and delivery.


A really exciting brief for us to work with, Agency Six quickly got to work on creating structures that ensured reliable delivery to their clients and customers.

We worked on a daily basis with Immotion’s head office teams in the UK, UAE and US and tried, tested, gained data and tried again in the initial months. The data feedback became key to business development and toppling strategies.

Having established language, images and approaches that worked, we quickly scaled up the collaterals and amplified the content to secure great results worldwide.


  • Brand new website designed and built by Agency Six team, including all content optimised for search engine results.
  • Most notable coverage achieved in: Forbes, Amusement Today, Daily Star, VR Focus, WAZA, LA Times, Blooloop, Manchester Evening News.
  • Video content production for major launches.

“Throughout our fast and rapid journey from being the new kid on the block to one of the leading global VR brands, our partnership with the Agency Six team has been instrumental in helping build our brand in the UK and internationally. They have done this through digital marketing and B2B and B2C media relations, but also through strategic counsel ensuring we tread boldly but with care.

They have demonstrated time and time again total commitment to the aims and goals of our business. Responsive and creative, business-focused and innovative from launching new stores globally to strategic sales support to social media, PR and design management - it’s been a great pleasure to work with them.

As we move more into family entertainment centres and the leisure market, (with relationships with the likes Merlin, MGM and Al Hokair) we look forward to an even more fruitful partnership with Billie and Simon and the Agency Six team.”

Sam HigginsonGroup Marketing Director
Case Study 02



• International PR
• Website development and management
• E-Comms design and management
• Social Media Management
• Influencer outreach
• Visual content creation


The HERU turns every day resource into energy to fuel your boiler, including coffee cups, nappies, and plastics, amongst many other things, can be pyrolysed for energy for your boiler using the game-changing HERU. The team at HERU were looking for data generating activity in order to raise awareness of the product as well as generate potential future buyers.


We pinpointed that we needed two tactics. One: Noise. Two: Data funnels. We set about redesigning the HERU website to be a data harvesting optimised, with ‘join our journey’ messaging as well as data walls for valuable technology information. Once this was in place, our expert environmental PR team set to work gaining coverage internationally in BBC, Daily Mail, Reuters, Nat Geo, Talk Radio Network and RTUK. As well as strong coverage on regional channels.


  • 2000% increase in web traffic.
  • 1000 new contacts of engaged and interested prospects onto a database.
  • Notable coverage in BBC National Broadcast, National Geographic, Reuters, Daily Mail, Forbes.
  • Brand new website created, built and written with conversion optimisation strategies.
HERU Agency Six

“Agency 6 has been an integral part of the HERU Team, helping shape and deliver the strategy for
bringing the HERU innovation to our stakeholders. This included the creation of a new website,
generating media opportunities and increasing our social media profile. The team are always
professional and approachable but most importantly, they understand and believe in our product
and they are committed to supporting the HERU journey.”

Nik SpencerCEO/Founder of HERU
Case Study 03

Riverside Hub


• Footfall driving PR
• Copywriting
• Organic social media
• Blogger engagement
• Influencer outreach
• Media relations
• Visual content creation


As an already established and successful family run FEC, we were tasked with supporting the internal marketing team in gaining footfall in hard to activate markets, such as weekdays and term times. In addition, with over subscribed weekend attendance, the Riverside Hub team asked Agency Six to manage the communications around this and encourage visitors into other times within the week.

Riverside Hub were also keen to create a new brand video to better demonstrate their wide offering and exceptional quality product.


One thing this attraction didn’t need was more weekend visitors, and what a great problem to have! Instead, we set to work reaching out to influencers and media that would activate the ‘mums with kids under 3’ market, who would be more likely to visit during the quieter weekday. Media relationship building proved extremely effective for Riverside Hub with the regional press running a double page spread on their under 5’s offering.

In addition, we worked closely with Ellis and Valentina Potter to create a new brand video.


  • 25% increase in web traffic.
  • Significant upturn in footfall during weekdays.
  • Notable coverage in Northampton Chronicle and BBC Radio Northampton.
  • A new brand video.

“Agency Six are doing a great job of raising awareness of all the fun things we have going on at Riverside Hub.

Our new under 5's area has seen us crack the hardest under 5's market for indoor attractions - the weekday, term time visitor.

Getting large numbers through the door on a school day is never easy, but with our ever increasing offering and the great PR raising awareness of it, we are now seeing hundreds more people through the door when we need them the most.”

Ellis PotterOwner of Riverside Hub
Case Study 04

Rounders England


• Brand establishing PR
• Copywriting
• Paid social media
• Media relations
• Website optimisation


Rounders England are the National Governing Body (NGB) for rounders and are responsible for ensuring increasing engagement between schools, communities and professional players. They were looking for an agency that could help them increase the brand reputation of Rounders England within both the regional and national press, as well as directly driving attendance to events and competitions aimed at attracting new players.


It was initially important to establish Rounders England more deeply in the national media. Agency Six took the first few months of service to work on selling in interesting and authoritative stories to key regional and national media.

Following the work through PR, we then brought a simple, clear and firm digital marketing strategy to increase conversion to event sign ups online. This needed attention grabbing creatives, conversion optimisation tactics and market testing.


  • Notable coverage with Sky @Breakfast, BBC Breakfast, BBC Sheffield, Education Today, BBC Radio 4, Virgin Radio breakfast show, Raring2GO!, Fit and Well, and University Business.
  • 145% increase in web traffic from a very modest digital marketing budget as well as troubleshooting some difficult user journeys on their website.
  • Successful paid for social media marketing campaign.

“We have been working with Agency Six on a formal basis since February, but we started to build a relationship at the tail end of 2018, when they carried out a free social media audit for us. We’ve since developed a really good working relationship and they have strived to understand some of the challenges we face.

What initially started out as some PR support has developed into a six month PR & digital marketing plan which has evolved and is flexible to our needs. All staff that I have dealt with are very personable and committed to achieving the desired outcome.

For me, their strength lies in their collaborative approach, their vast expertise in PR and digital marketing, plus being able to understand very quickly what our objectives are.

I would certainly recommend working with them.”

Hannah HollandHead of Marketing, Communications & Engagement