The A6 Team

Starting with a dream in early 2018 to see an agency driven by real results and passionate about client success, Simon and Billie set about creating a service with purpose, dedicated to high quality and personal relationships. Today Agency Six has grown to include a credible and extensive client list supported by a specialist, dynamic and creative team.

Simon Ward

Agency Director

Billie-Jan Humphries

Creative Director

Our Values

We champion your business passions, desires and dreams for the future.

Activity means nothing without action

Everything we do is towards a goal. Defining that goal is something that can be revelatory for our clients. But without it, you are left gliding on belief and a hunch. By detailed insight and articulating your goals, we can pinpoint the actions that your targets need to take. Whether that’s an increase in online sales, attending an event or how to engage with a new product – customer action sits at the centre of our approach.

Customers as people, markets as community

The connectivity of what we all do is built around people. By understanding people, the way they think, the way they act and the emotions they use, we can change behaviours, helping our clients achieve their goals. People buy people: it’s a maxim that’s overused but one that is rarely followed. How often does a brand sell to people? This is something we encourage you to do because when a brand truly sells to an individual, the results are awe-inspiring.

We love passionate businesses. Those pushing hard. Those changing the world, one person at a time.