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Our Approach

The Agency Six way.

Insight to drive knowledge, data to underpin assumptions, iteration to create perfection.

That is a our formula for success.

As a culture we are driven by authenticity, curiosity and, most of all, trust.

Our Experience

Proud to be the supporting team behind some awesome clients.

Throughout our fast and rapid journey from being the new kid on the block to one of the leading global VR brands, our partnership with the Agency Six team has been instrumental in helping build our brand in the UK and internationally. They have done this through digital marketing and B2B and B2C media relations, but also through strategic counsel ensuring we tread boldly but with care.

As we move more into family entertainment centres and the leisure market, (with relationships with the likes Merlin, MGM and Al Hokair) we look forward to an even more fruitful partnership with Billie and Simon and the Agency Six team

Sam HigginsonImmotion Group PLC

Agency 6 has been an integral part of the HERU Team, helping shape and deliver the strategy for bringing the HERU innovation to our stakeholders. This included the creation of a new website, generating media opportunities and increasing our social media profile. The team are always professional and approachable but most importantly, they understand and believe in our product and they are committed to supporting the HERU journey.

Nik SpencerHERU

Agency Six are doing a great job of raising awareness of all the fun things we have going on at Riverside Hub. Our new under 5's area has seen us crack the hardest under 5's market for indoor attractions - the weekday, term time visitor.

Getting large numbers through the door on a school day is never easy, but with our ever increasing offering and the great PR raising awareness of it, we are now seeing hundreds more people through the door when we need them the most.

Ellis PotterRiverside Hub

We have been working with Agency Six on a formal basis since February, but we started to build a relationship at the tail end of 2018, when they carried out a free social media audit for us. We’ve since developed a really good working relationship and they have strived to understand some of the challenges we face.

For me, their strength lies in their collaborative approach, their vast expertise in PR and digital marketing, plus being able to understand very quickly what our objectives are. I would certainly recommend working with them.

Hannah HollandRounders England


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